Saturday, March 1, 2008

Etsy Colors: Fire Engine Red

This is going to be one of the regular features of this blog: looking at the different colors of Etsy. Less a feature of a specific artist or particular type of item (art prints, necklaces, lip balms), these are just items that fit a particular color scheme.

Sometimes, I will try and create a treasury out of these items. Other times, it will be a just for fun kind of thing.

This is a just for fun kind of thing. :)

To start, I found an ACEO of an original acrylic painting and collage from Etsy seller heavensearth. I love the modern/primitive painting combo, and the colors are just lovely.

Next is a pair of Red Polka Dot earrings from Christiane, a seller very new to Etsy. Not only are these earrings cute and charming, they're also very reasonably priced at $5. In fact, all of her jewelry is very affordable. Give her shop a visit. I especially like the Meadows bracelet.

My last pick is from another new Etsy seller, WhatsEatingYin. Yin makes delightful greeting cards, including this Fairy Whispers Card. I like the Happy Easter Basket of Joy card set. All of her cards are made on eco-friendly card stock, and she also sells gift tags, etc. Her theme is "Eco-friendly art from the heart."

To pick out your own color-themed Etsy items, play around with the Etsy :: Colors tool.

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