Monday, March 10, 2008

Etsy Colors: Chartreuse

I got an assignment in my 6th grade English class to write a poem about colors. No, I did not write about red and blue and purple and orange. I rambled on and on about the joys of periwinkle and avacado and eggplant.

This theme has continued into today. I love colors with random names, and chartreuse seemed like a pretty random color to me. Yet however random the color, it's one I have come to know and love.

Here are some of my Etsy chartreuse picks:

If you're going to be accused of being a freak, you may as well do it in style, right? Stoopidgerl has a whole series of resin necklaces that are fun and freaky (in a good way). Perfect for the little rebel in all of us.

Forest Motif Giclee Print

I love this one- it's perfect for almost any room. Except a teenage boy's. But that's them and not this print. Beesknees has lots of other beautiful prints, many with the same minimist, nature theme that I really like.

Chartreuse Wowza Hand Painted Yarn

This one basically speaks for itself. And my cat heartily approves of yarn in any form. She loves the variety at SeeJayneKnitYarns and knows she wants to buy some for me for my birthday coming up. I just need to teach her how to use the internet...


Copperheart said...

chartreuse is a special color. It always makes me think of fishing lures. I guess fish like it too.

Nature's Corridor said...

It is a great color. I want to make all my cards and envelopes in that color. I struggle to give other colors in my paper stash a chance.

earth and sun folk said...

mmm...i love funky colors :)

Tracey and Paul said...

Love the freak necklace
but I think I need the word geek lol
I've just started making jewellery and made some earrings that say hobbycraft which is where I work
the rest of the staff just look at me as though I'm mad when I wear them lol

KC Elaine said...

oooh, pretty!